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Thriving Lifestyle Business roadmap by Monika de Neef at The Wayfinding Entrepreneur
  • A business that aligns with who you truly are.
  • Grow your business in an authentic way. Discover how to set up marketing strategies that are a natural fit.
  • Serve more clients who resonate with the essence of your business without losing your work-life balance.
  • ​Get your FREE training including roadmap from someone who is living a freedom motorhome lifestyle.

Facebook Groups, Ads, and Social Media Posts Are NOT The Things to Start With...

The Things That Truly Make A Difference, And What You Should Focus On First, Are:

  • Your Strengths: Turn What's Holding You Back Into Your Biggest Strengths
  • Your Uniqueness: Discover What Makes You Unique and Show That In Your Special Expertise
  • Your Style: Discover Your Unique Branding Style & Marketing Approach That Align With Your Truth
  • Your Message: Create Your Crystal-Clear Brand & Marketing Message Attracting Your Dream Clients
All This Will Be Covered In The FREE Training including Roadmap.
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Monika de Neef The Wayfinding Entrepreneur
Hi, I'm Monika, creator of the Thriving Lifestyle Business program, living a freedom motorhome lifestyle myself.
This free training including roadmap will teach you everything you need to know about starting and growing your thriving lifestyle business. You'll be able to check what is aligned with your True Self and what isn't. Understanding what's missing is the first step to achieving a meaningful life.  Running a business that supports your desired lifestyle isn't as hard as you think and this free training will show you why.

- Monika de Neef, Founder of
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